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Product Update / January, 2023

Automatic payments 🤑

The "Autopay" feature streamlines recurring invoice payments, eliminating the need for manual payments and reducing the risk of late payments. This results in a more efficient and convenient payment process for businesses.


Unit type ⚡️

Including the unit of measurement alongside the quantity helps to clearly communicate the quantity of goods or services being sold and can reduce confusion for both parties.

Unit type

Customer Statement report 📊

A Customer Statement report is a financial document that provides an overview of a customer's account balance and transactions over a specific period of time.

Customer Statement report

Expense report 📊

The Expense report feature offers the ability to view and track expenses for your business or individual customer over a chosen date range.

Expense report

Customer selector 🧐

You can now easily locate a specific customer from your long list of customers using the search feature.

Customer selector


  • iOS and Android App 📱
  • Retainer invoices
  • and more! ➕

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