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Product Update / May, 2023

2FA with TOTP šŸ”

Introducing extra protection for your account with 2-step login! Just download either Google Authenticator or Authy (Recommended) on your phone, set up 2FA, and enjoy secure access to your account.

2FA with TOTP

Enhanced customer details āœØ

Capture additional customer details such as first name, last name, notes, and searchable tags for better organization and filtering on the customer list and invoice builder.

More fields

Attach PDF to emails šŸ“„

You can enable this option from the customer details, so the invoice, estimate, etc PDF copy will be attached to the emails.

āž”ļø Note: It's NOT recommended to enable this option, as your customer may not benefit from the online version features and may encounter other limitations. However, you can enable it with specific customers if needed.

Attach PDF

Other changes

In addition to the stuff mentioned above there are a few smaller updates worth mentioning as well:

  • Enhance the responsiveness āœØ
  • Stripe: Attach the invoice number to the payment details
  • Add searchable tags to the products šŸ·
  • Danish language
  • Swedish language


  • Autopay: Support PayPal and GoCardless
  • Connect bank account šŸ”„
  • Integrate Mollie šŸ”Œ
  • and more! āž•

Stay tuned šŸš€

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