Product Update / November, 2022


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Product Update / November, 2022

GoCardless integration šŸ”Œ

GoCardless with Invoiless gives you access to all of the benefits of Direct Debit without having to deal with the prohibitive setup requirements. You can set it up in just a few minutes and start receiving payments immediately. ā˜•ļø

šŸ“˜ Refer to this documentation for more details.

Invoiless + GoCardless

Emails: Translation šŸŒŽ

Customize the default emails you send to your customers: Settings > Invoices Settings > Emails.

Emails: Translation

Emails: Custom template āœØ

Yaaay! Now you can send beautiful and customized emails to your customers with your business logo and a look-and-feel consistent with your brand.

Emails: Custom template

Add QR code to the PDF copy

Include the QR code of your invoice in the PDF copy. The customer can use it to access the online invoice and make the payment. šŸ’³

Add QR code to the PDF copy

Other changes

In addition to the stuff mentioned above there are a few smaller updates worth mentioning as well:

  • Import inventory from CSV file.
  • Improve invoice preview and localization.
  • View all invoices generated from a recurring invoice.
  • Add a time picker to the recurring date and due date fields, so you can specify exactly when your invoices should be generated.
  • Add reference ID to transaction details.
  • Public Customer Portal: Custom domain + White-label.
  • Add expenses charts by year and category to the overview.
  • Add a notes column to the payments table.


  • iOS and Android App šŸ“±
  • Mollie integration šŸ”Œ
  • Retainer invoices
  • Manage notifications
  • and more! āž•

Stay tuned šŸš€

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